DROUGHT just got personal for this Father

Shiferaw Tesema is worried, he’s had a hard time before but this is worse. Now seventy he has become very good at farming his small plot of land that clings to the rift valley escarpment that runs through this part of Ethiopia. He knows all there is to know about life in this remote and beautiful place. But without rain everything stops, the view will not feed his family and he is particularly worried about his disabled daughter. Shiferaw, who lives in a small mud hut on the steep slopes of the mountain at a place called Zego on the edge of Wofwasha Forest, is tough and resourceful like many in his community. “We’ve had drought before but the past year has been one of the most difficult we can remember”. Ten years ago they had never heard of ‘climate change’, now they experience first-hand what it means. “ The conditions are worse than during the 1980s drought. We are seeing the death of many cows. The problems of climate change are worsening and worsening every year. Unless the community adapts to survive then there is a problem… It is a terrible situation.”
Helping when the rains don’t come.
Drought just got personal.

We struggle to survive. We look for a bright future together, but it is unimaginable unless we have some support. It is hard to think of the future. Shiferaw, 70.
Please turn over…
This is just one man’s plight, but so many communities are feeling the effects. Together, we can help farmers like Shiferaw. Thanks to the generous gifts we receive from our supporters – compassionate people like you – we can give hope to Shiferaw, and families like his. Our local partner SUNARMA is able to work with communities and give assistance where it is needed most – working to improve soil and water conservation, vegetable and livestock production in central and northern Ethiopia. At this very moment SUNARMA is working with the local government in areas like Zego Kebele to ensure that those most vulnerable to the impact of the drought are given support as a priority.