New institutional development project in Amhara region receives seal of approval

SUNARMA, working with Tree Aid, has recently launched a new project: “Institutional development for successful joint forest enterprises in Amhara Region” which will contribute greatly to the protection of Amhara’s forests. The project got the seal of approval from the regional government in July 2013.

This project is the culmination of years of hard work by SUNARMA in the Wof Washa forest area. It will build on the firm foundations established through SUNARMA’s work with forest user groups. The project aims to register the forest user groups with the government which will give them access to micro credit and other support that will help improve life for the people and this forest. It will support the development of Joint Forest Enterprises (JFE) to provide material incentives for existing and potential local forest users to protect and manage the forests.

The project will run for 5 years from 01/07/2013 and will be implemented in collaboration with Amhara National Regional State Forest Enterprise (ANRSFE). This project is a fantastic addition to SUNARMA’s existing work in Wof Washa and takes a step closer to SUNARMA’s vision of stable, empowered and productive communities living in a sustainable and productive environment.

You can read further details about the project here