Starve today or starve tomorrow?

Starve today or starve tomorrow? Its not an easy one, not one any of us would have to choose.

Abinet has this choice.

No rainfall in February has meant that this season’s crops have failed and now food has run out.

As food runs out, Abinet is faced with this stark choice.

Should she feed her family today on the seed saved for future planting?

Or plant that seed and hope somehow, that they are able to survive till harvest in November.

What would you do?

With this as your only choice!

You have never had to make that choice, but climate change, caused by events a world away and out of Abinet’s control, has meant that the once reliable February rains did not come, starvation soon follows.

The events in the horn of Africa are well publicised, failed rains caused by the Ell Nino effect mean there are over 6 million people facing starvation.

Abinet Getachew who lives in Wuchale and Jidda in Ethiopia says

“Without help I don’t know what I can do?”

You can help Abinet and many in her community.

Action Ethiopia will buy seed, distribute it and help people get back on their feet again.

In addition to working with the women’s group to help plan for the future, water wells can be dug and small irrigation schemes constructed, that will help Abinet face the future with more confidence.

Your help and support really do make a difference.

It’s amazing – from their point of view

Just knowing somebody cares, can help people face tough times with great resolve.

The effects of El Nino are difficult to predict and its consequences devastating.

By working together through grass roots organisations like Action Ethiopia we can bring lasting change.

By donating a small amount £10, £15, £18, £20 any amount donated makes a difference.

This can help eradicate the decision that

Abinet has to make.