Woodhouse Grove School visits the Wof Washa Project (part 2)

The group had a more relaxing day on Tuesday when they visited Ankober to see the local markets and take in the amazing views from Ankober Palace Lodge which sits high on a mountain overlooking picturesque valleys below.

On Wednesday the students returned to Mush and with the help of beneficiaries they planted hundreds of tree seedlings. As well as providing future income the trees, which were planted along the edges of a watercourse, will stabilise the soil and contribute to improved water quality. Again there were muddy boots and tired sweaty bodies but at the end of the day everyone was more than happy with what they had achieved.

A return visit to Keyit School to finish the work that they had started earlier in the week was on the agenda for Thursday. After their first visit to the school on Monday word had obviously gotten around as the Keyit students turned out in force on Thursday. As the buses pulled into the school grounds on Thursday morning there were gasps of startled delight and some nervousness as the a vast crowd of children swarmed towards them. There were welcoming speeches by Amare Kebede (Executive Director of SUNARMA Ethiopia) and the local Woreda Official. It was quite an auspicious day with local news crews interviewing all those involved including the students, teachers and SUNARMA staff.

After the official welcome the students from both schools got to work. Together they planted over one hundred trees at the school. As well as providing shade and contributing to soil and water conservation the trees, when mature, will provide some much needed income for the school. After the morning’s planting session the students from both schools spent the afternoon playing football, skipping rope, playing games and generally enjoying each other’s company. There was certainly fun to be had by all.

On Friday the Woodhouse Grove students headed off on the rest of their Ethiopian adventure. They planned to visit Harar and then travel down south visiting the lakes of the rift valley area. It would certainly be a trip of a lifetime and one that would give them many fond memories as well as a greater appreciation of the unique and beautiful people and land of Ethiopia.