Bideford Rotary

Thank you from Elu Egu Edoro – Serte


All seven wells supported by Bideford Rotary Club have been built. A big thank you from the communities of Wuchale and Jidda in Ethiopia and the 1620 people who have clean safe water to drink for the first time.

See – Bideford Rotary Progress Report


No Wells Kebele name Site Number of people using well
1 Ayida Dawo (Jidda) Dalame 163 People
2 Elu Egu Edoro Serte 591 people use this well including School children
3 Adrere Gordoma Tigri Buko School 427 people use this well including a school
4 Adrere Gordoma Chubati 138 People use this well
5 Adere Gordoma Roge 82 People
6 Mechela Wortu Gara Ali 104 People
7 Horo Abo Iyage 115 People