How to Fundraise for Action Ethiopia

Follow our seven simple steps to help you fundraise – whether you’re running a marathon or holding a bake off we can help.

Keen to get started straight away? Contact Em at em.long@sunarma.org we will help you with setting things up to achieve your goal.

1: Choose your event

  • You can do absolutely anything to raise funds for Action Ethiopia, from organising a black tie ball to a dog walk with friends!
Help is at hand!
We are here to help you plan your fundraiser, covering a variety of events.

2: Choose a location and date

  • Planning your event can take time, so the earlier you can start, the better! Think about a date early on.
  • Do you need a venue? For a small party, your home or church hall could be perfect. If you need a larger or licensed venue, a school or pub may work. Let the venue know your event is for charity and they may be able to offer you a discount.

3: Ask for help

  • Don’t be shy to ask friends and family. Once you have your team of volunteers, give everyone a specific task, so that you’re not doing everything yourself.
  • Approach local businesses for raffle prizes or donations. You could offer them some free publicity in return. Contact us if you need an authorisation letter to use.
If you don’t ask…
Don’t be afraid to ask everybody you can think of for help and donations. A personal approach often works best, both with friends and local businesses, so talk to people or email them individually.Let them know why you’re raising funds as well as how.

4: Set a target

  • Decide how much you want to raise and set up a Justgiving page we can support you with this, just contact em.long@sunarma.org.
  • Think about how you can hit your target. If you’re organising a quiz or a concert, you might want to start selling tickets in advance or hold a raffle on the night to raise funds.
  • Keep careful track of money coming in and out so that you don’t spend more than you make. T

5: Promote your event

  • Once your plans are in place, spread the word. The more people who know about your fundraising, the more money you can raise6: Make your event safe

6. Keep things safe

  • Make sure you have stored all data correctly, that everything is in place for your fundraising and most importantly, ENJOY IT.

7: Send in your money

Gift Aid
If you ask donors to complete their details and tick the Gift Aid box on any sponsorship forms or donation envelopes you use, we can receive extra funds from the government.We can provide you with Gift Aid forms so simply check with us and we will email one to you..

A personal thank you
If you want to thank a particularly generous or helpful person who supported your fundraising, please email Em at em.long@sunarma.org and we will send one directly to them with a thank you card.


And behalf of those we support to create Powerful Partnerships.