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Wash Water Projects

This month’s direct mail, reflects on the importance of water. If we asked you for a glass of water, would you give me it from your pond? I hope not! Tsedaie Gitar, was very candid when she told us “Without clean water life isn’t comfortable. Drinking the...

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Can you help keep Ababech’s eyes sparkling?

he terrible truth is that Ababech (Pictured) has some stark choices to make in her young life. She lives in Metema a small town situated in North West Ethiopia very close to the Sudanese border. The stark choice may be between prostitution, an...

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Quiet Determination, Hyatt’s story.

This month is focused on Hyatt Murid and the Alshoni Women’s group. Hyatt Murid is a remarkable woman. Action Ethiopia’s first meeting with her was in March this year sitting outside a mud hut, her eyes cast down in the respectful way Ethiopian...

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Fighting against death and destitution

Have you ever had a bad day? Or even a bad week? It happens to us all, it can be so frustrating! But when we tell you what Tigist has endured, you may realise how tough some people have it. Tigist lives high on a rift valley plateau in Ethiopia....

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Starve today or starve tomorrow?

Starve today or starve tomorrow? Its not an easy one, not one any of us would have to choose. Abinet has this choice. No rainfall in February has meant that this season’s crops have failed and now food has run out. As food runs out, Abinet is faced with...

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DROUGHT just got personal for this Father

Shiferaw Tesema is worried, he’s had a hard time before but this is worse. Now seventy he has become very good at farming his small plot of land that clings to the rift valley escarpment that runs through this part of Ethiopia. He knows all there is to...

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